Business Excellence

Business Excellence Awards 2013

Pursuing Excellence

The Business Excellence (BE) initiative provides organisations with a roadmap for excellence, giving you better insights on how you can improve business performance. Based on the internationally benchmarked BE framework, you will get external perspectives of your organisation’s strengths and areas for improvement.


Understand Your Business’ Health and Improve Performance through a systematic approach with the BE framework assessment tools to identify strengths and discover ways to improve your management systems and processes.

Be Recognised by the mark of excellence. This will boost your reputation with your suppliers, consumers and the general public.

Learn Best Practices and improve your business performance through seminars, conferences, learning journeys and more.

BE Framework 

A Holistic Standard

The BE framework provides a comprehensive set of management standards for business excellence, and covers seven areas – Leadership, Customers, Strategy, People, Processes, Knowledge and Results.

Depending on your organisation’s needs and strategies, you may choose to boost your management systems and processes through the Singapore Quality Class certification, or if your organisation is in a good position, apply to be recognised under the prestigious Singapore Quality Award.

Singapore Quality Class (SQC)

The SQC is a requirement for BE certification. Pursue the SQC to establish strong core business fundamentals and deepen your niche capabilities under People, Service and Innovation1.

Mark of Excellence to Instil Confidence in Stakeholders

The SQC and niche logos represent your achievements and commitment to sustainable performance. The mark of excellence serves as a distinct brand to differentiate your company.

BE Awards are pinnacle accolades that recognise organisations with superior performance on the journey of excellence.

BE Journey

For more details on the BE framework, please click here (pdf, 1MB).

1As a first time applicant, you may choose to apply for either SQC or SQC with Niche if you have identified one or more niche capabilities in People, Service and/or Innovation.

BE Organisations

Find out about the leading organisations that have been certified to BE or conferred BE Awards.

BE certified organisations​

Before SQC Repositioning (Information updated as at 31 Jan 2018)

After SQC Repositioning1 (Information updated as at 31 Jan 2018)

BE Award winners​​

The BE Awards are managed by the Singapore Quality Award (SQA) Governing Council and supported by the SQA Management Committee. To know more about the SQA Governing Council and SQA Management Committee, please click here.

1The BE Framework has been streamlined from April 2017 with the repositioning of SQC as a single mark of excellence.

Links & Resources

Business Excellence (BE) Lite

BE Lite is a tool to help small and medium-sized enterprises review and identify key strengths and areas for improvement in management practices. You will find it useful to improve your systems and processes. Learn how you can use BE Lite to identify challenges early and capture opportunities quickly here (pdf, 627KB).

List of BE resources and success stories

Enterprise Singapore provides a range of resources to help organisations implement Business Excellence (BE).

BE application resources

Learn about the BE framework, the various criteria for assessment and application procedures.

  • Embark on the BE Journey

  • Learn how your existing management systems and processes fare against BE standards, by applying for a BE certification.

    Apply for BE Certification
  • Apply for BE Awards

  • The annual BE Awards recognise organisations for outstanding management capabilities and world-class standards of performance.

    To find out more, please email

  • Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

  • Give your company’s performance a boost by conducting a comprehensive organisational review on your management systems and processes. Get assistance to formulate a strategic developmental roadmap for your business with the Enterprise Development Grant.

    To find out more on supportable activities and scope of the grant, please refer to Business Excellence Framework brochure and the Enterprise Development Grant.