Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations (CPSR)

The Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations (CPSR) requires 33 categories of household products, also known as Controlled Goods, to be registered with Enterprise Singapore. These products need to be tested to specified safety standards and affixed with the SAFETY Mark before they can be sold in Singapore. To safeguard the interest of our consumers, we do the following:

  • Register the suppliers of Controlled Goods
  • Register Controlled Goods
  • Educate suppliers on the SAFETY Mark and the regulations
  • Appoint third-party Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) to carry out product testing and ensure compliance with specified safety standards
  • Conduct market surveillance and investigate accidents, incidents or feedback relating to the safety of Controlled Goods

What the CPSR means for you

Manufacturers, importers (including parallel importers), retailers and traders who are involved in advertising and/or supplying the Controlled Goods in Singapore, must ensure they meet the requirements under the regulations.

Who needs to register Controlled Goods

If you are importer, or parallel importer, retailer or manufacturer importing and selling anything that has been listed as Controlled Goods, you will need to register the goods.

When a company (Registered Supplier) transfers ownership of its registered Controlled Goods to another business, the new company has to apply to be a Registered Supplier and re-register the goods with Enterprise Singapore. In such cases, the former Registered Supplier must submit an authorisation letter to Enterprise Singapore before the new company can be registered.

About the SAFETY Mark

Safety Mark 

The SAFETY Mark helps consumers and suppliers identify registered Controlled Goods. These goods must carry the SAFETY Mark on the product. The mark consists of a “safety logo” and the words “SAFETY MARK” in a rectangle on the right. These goods can also be traced with a unique 8-digit registration number to the registrant and the registered models. The register can be found here.

Register the Controlled Goods here. You can also contact us at or (65) 1800 773 3163 for further enquiries.


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