Weights & Measures Programme

Through the Weights and Measures Programme, Enterprise Singapore aims to protect consumers and traders by regulating weighing and measuring instruments used for trade, and the net content of prepackaged products. This assures consumers of the measuring instruments’ accuracy, for example, when buying fresh produce at the wet market or filling up at the petrol station. All weighing and measuring instruments that have been verified accurate and fit for trade use carry the Weights and Measures seal and the ACCURACY Label.

To ensure a uniform and accurate system of weights and measures in Singapore, we:

  • Designate Authorised Verifiers to perform verification of weighing and measuring instruments
  • Register approved weighing and measuring instruments
  • Inspect weighing and measuring instruments used for trade purposes to check for inaccuracies and ensure that they have not been tampered with
  • Inspect goods sold to ensure they meet the weight declared
  • Investigate complaints relating to weights and measures matters from consumers and traders

About the ACCURACY Label

Accuracy Label

The ACCURACY Label is attached on weighing and measuring instruments that are verified fit for trade use. A verification seal is also attached to prevent tampering of the instruments.

The label can be found on prominent areas of the weighing and measuring instruments. It has a verifier code and the period (month and year) when the verification was conducted. This helps consumers and traders to identify that the instruments were accurate at the time of verification. However, the label does not guarantee that the instruments will remain accurate after verification.

Register Weighing and Measuring Instruments here. You can also contact us at consumerprotection@enterprisesg.gov.sg or (65) 1800 773 3163 for further enquiries.


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