Healthcare and Biomedical

Singapore’s biomedical sciences industry is a leading pillar of the economy. In 2016, Singapore committed to a S$4 billion budget in health and biomedical sciences to drive research and commercialisation activities. Today, the landscape is made up of major research institutes and biomedical giants, as well as an increasingly vibrant pool of local companies with innovative products in medical technology, bio-pharmaceuticals and complementary health products that include supplements and traditional medicine.

Singapore has also developed a strong reputation for quality healthcare services globally. This is underpinned not just by the strength of our public healthcare institutions, but also the credibility of our private healthcare players, which comprise clinics, specialist care, acute hospitals, intermediate and long-term care facilities, and medical support services. Private healthcare players like Raffles Medical Group, Alliance Healthcare and Q&M Dental have strong footprints in Asia.

With the global trend of aging population, increasing disease burdens and rising healthcare expenditure, healthcare and biomedical players in Singapore are in a good position to grow and capture the new opportunities that may arise.