The electronics industry is a key spark of Singapore’s economy, producing IT products that almost every consumer owns– from hard disk drives to batteries. In 2016, electronics contributed close to S$90 billion in manufacturing output, and employed about 70,000 workers.

Singapore’s electronics sector is led by multinational corporations (MNCs), small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups in niche areas such as satellite communications, encryption technology, integrated circuit design, and wireless technology.

There are over 2,900 companies with key activities in semiconductor, consumer electronics and information technology. Many base their global research and development activities, design, manufacturing, and distribution services in Singapore, providing a full suite of services to the world.

We are also a global trading and distribution hub for electronics and semiconductors. Singapore exported more than US$80 billion worth of semiconductors and electronic integrated circuits to the world in 2016, a market share of almost 10% of global electronics and semiconductors exports.

With the global consumer electronics market expected to grow at an average of 15% annually from 2016 to 2026, reaching a value of US$3.0 trillion1 (Future Market Insights, 2017), there are many opportunities for your company. This includes new growth areas in autonomous vehicles, Internet of Things, industrial robotics, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

The Electronics Industry Transformation Map (ITM) is preparing your company to ride on these global trends. Through the national plan to upgrade the capabilities of companies, the electronics industry is expected to achieve a value-add of S$22.2 billion and generate 2,100 professional jobs by 2020.