As a major logistics hub and ranked first in Asia by the World Bank1, Singapore’s logistics industry is a critical contributor as well as connector of our economy. It connects suppliers to manufacturers, and merchants to consumers, both domestically and overseas. In 2015, the industry (including transportation and storage) contributed 7.4% to our GDP and employed over 8% of the workforce.

The industry is experiencing significant shifts due to the rise of digitally enabled logistics services, and the emergence of new delivery capabilities such as autonomous vehicles. To keep pace with the changes, we are supporting companies’ efforts to go beyond offering traditional services in freight and storage to specialise in food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and e-commerce sectors.

Your company can look to the Logistics Industry Transformation Map (ITM) to maintain your competitive edge in this evolving landscape. The national plan to upgrade industries identified growth opportunities arising from global trends such as the rise of Asia, business and manufacturing developments, and emerging new technologies. By capitalising on these opportunities, the industry is expected to achieve a value-add of S$8.3 billion and introduce 2,000 professional jobs by 2020.