Consultant Quality Initiative

Helping SMEs Engage Good Quality Consultants

Management consultants play a pivotal role in Singapore’s enterprise development landscape. They help enterprises solve issues, create value, identify opportunities for productivity improvements and enhance business performance to achieve sustainable growth.


Overview of Consultant Quality Initiative (CQI)

Enterprise Singapore embarked on the Consultant Quality Initiative (CQI) to provide SMEs with a pool of certified, competent, professional and ethical management consultants to better support their capability development efforts.

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Engaging Consultants: Finding the Right Fit

In order to achieve meaningful business outcomes and sustainable growth, selecting a consultant that best meet individual project needs and requirements is crucial.

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List of Certified Consultants

Three certification bodies have been appointed by Enterprise Singapore to develop and run certification programmes for management consultants supporting capability development projects.

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Local & International Standards for Management Consultants

Both local and international communities have outlined a set of industry standards and best practices for the management consultancy profession – Technical Reference for Management Consultants (TR 43:2015) and International Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services (ISO 20700).

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