List of Certified Consultants

Enterprise Singapore has appointed three certification bodies through an open call-for-collaboration to develop and run certification programmes for management consultants that are aligned to TR 43:2015.

These certifications recognise individual management consultants who possess adequate know-how, competence, professional and ethical conduct to provide consultancy services, in accordance to TR 43:2015. Management consultants are encouraged to obtain TR-certification from the appointed certification bodies. However, this is not a mandatory certification and not a license to operate*.

To find out more on the various certification processes, please contact the individual certification bodies.

* Management consultants found to have loaned their certification to another party are considered to have breached the code of conduct and will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include suspension or withdrawal of certification.

Recognised Certifications

Certification Bodies List of management consultants with recognised Certification

Institute of Management Consultants (Singapore)

Registered Management Consultant (RMC)

Singapore PMC Certification Pte. Ltd.

Practising Management Consultants (PMC)

  • Practising Management Consultant (PMC)
  • Senior Practising Management Consultant (SPMC)


Singapore Certified Management Consultant (SCMC)

  • Professional Singapore Certified Management Consultant (PSCMC)
  • Expert Singapore Certified Management Consultant (ESCMC)

Value of certification

  1. Relevance

    To maintain their certifications and keep themselves relevant, consultants are required to continuously participate in professional development activities, such as courses and conference, or take up coaching opportunities. They are also regularly assessed through examinations and reviewed by veteran management consultants.

  2. Assurance

    Certified consultants are bound by a professional code of conduct and are subject to disciplinary action if they are found to breach the code.