Capability Development for Service Excellence

With rising customer expectations, companies should look beyond service fundamentals, typically characterised by Greet-Smile-Thank, and adopt a customer-centric mindset by gaining a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and buying decision processes. A well-designed customer experience strategy can help you build stronger customer loyalty and stay competitive.

Supportable Activities

SMEs in the service industries (e.g. food & beverage, retail, healthcare and transport) can embark on projects in one or more of the following areas:

  • Understanding of customer needs and/or journey (e.g. customer journey mapping)
  • Service process redesign
  • Service gap analysis and benchmarking
  • Building a service innovation culture (e.g. ideating through a structured framework)
  • Adoption of technological solutions to gather customer insights (e.g. data analytics solutions)
  • Preparation for Singapore Quality Class with Service certification

Non-supportable Activities

The following activities/cost items are not supportable under the CDG as they are considered to be operational in nature and not exclusive to capability development projects:

  • Incentives for mystery shoppers and customer survey respondents
  • All Testing and Certification fees (except S-Class or relevant BE Certification fee)
  • Travel and living expenses for foreign consultants

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  • Customer Service Toolkit to build a loyal customer base by enhancing service experience for a more sustainable and profitable business