Intellectual Property


Putting in place Intellectual property (IP) practices and capabilities helps you to protect and make best use of your IP to capture its value. IP refers to intangible assets and proprietary content developed such as (not limited to) trade secrets, copyrights and patents.

Supportable Activities

An IP project typically encompasses one or more of the following areas:

  • IP protection
    • IP management: Audit of your current IP management process and establish an IP management system/IP policy
    • IP search: Perform freedom-to-operate/infringement analysis to ascertain whether your product, process or service have infringed any patent(s) owned by others
  • IP exploitation
    • IP research and intelligence: Identify your intangible assets, and conduct research and intelligence (e.g. landscape scans, white-space analysis) to identify gaps and opportunities in the area of IP for your company 
    • IP strategy: Integrate your IP strategy into your business strategy to generate revenue from your intangible assets

Non-supportable Activities

The following activities/cost items are not supportable under the CDG as they are either considered to be operational in nature or already supported under other government schemes:

  • Stand-alone IP registration costs that are peripheral to the project 
  • Franchise development projects