Product Development

Embark on research & development projects to develop innovative products that can be commercialised to differentiate your business offerings and stay competitive.

Supportable Activities

The following areas of a typical product development project are supportable:

  • Validation of your product strategy through market viability and user validation studies.1
  • Development of novel technology and products for commercialisation. Proof of market viability must be provided at this stage.
  • Optimisation of bill of materials (BOM), design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA), and small volume production of new and novel hardware products. Commercial interest and a local contract manufacturer must have been secured at this stage.

1 For companies embarking on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) projects, please refer to IMDA’s website.

Non-supportable Activities

The following activities/cost items are not supportable under the CDG as they are considered to be operational in nature and not exclusive to capability development projects:

  • Development of first product for business entry
  • Project with low level of technology innovation vis-a-vis industry norms (e.g. developing basic mobile apps / online platforms)

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