Launch of Singapore Food Gifts : Bringing A Taste of Singapore’s Heritage to the World

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    18 Nov 2017
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1. The growing food gift market presents significant opportunities for Singapore’s food manufacturers. To help local companies capture a slice of this global market, the Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association (SFMA), with support from SPRING Singapore (SPRING), unveiled the Singapore Food Gifts initiative today. The SFMA is partnering Focus Network Agencies (FNA) to introduce dedicated food gift aisles at its Taste Singapore outlets in Terminals 1 and 4 of Changi Airport. About 20 local food products - infused with heritage flavours and packaged as attractive gift sets by more than 10 renowned Singapore brands, will be featured at the outlets to excite shoppers from all around the world.

2. The Singapore Food Gifts initiative was launched by Mr Lim Hng Kiang, Minister for Trade and Industry (Trade), and is part of SFMA’s drive to help local food manufacturers bring innovative food products into new markets. This is in line with the strategies under the Food Manufacturing Industry Transformation Map launched last year to develop greater brand traction and new channels for Singapore made products.

Opening doors to new markets

3. The global food gift market is projected to grow from S$75 billion in 2015 to S$96 billion by 2020.1 In Singapore, confectionery, souvenirs and gifts are popular among tourists, accounting for about 8% to 11% of their total shopping expenditure.2 Leveraging Singapore’s global acclaim as a food paradise and its excellent reputation for quality and safety, local food manufacturers are well-positioned to continually expand their offerings.

4. SFMA’s collaboration with FNA, a leading local airport retailer with presence in 24 countries, opens a new and coveted platform for our food manufacturers to showcase their products to the international market and amplify brand awareness. From creative food gifts such as laksa-flavoured cookies and Singapore Sling-flavoured rock sugar sticks, to local delicacies like bak kut teh and nonya curry powder, the dedicated aisles at FNA’s Taste Singapore stores in Changi Airport feature gift sets that allow local heritage flavours to be enjoyed anywhere in the world by both Singaporeans and tourists. To offer a seamless offline to online experience, these food gifts will also be available online at ishop Changi.

Capturing growth opportunities with food innovation and partnerships

5. Coming up with innovative food gifts requires companies to review various factors during product development, including taste, cultural considerations, packaging and versatility for different occasions. A kick-off workshop that was organised by SFMA in July 2017, helped local food manufacturers gain a better understanding of the food gift landscape and leverage consumer insights to develop products with global appeal. SFMA is also working with various partners, including the Singapore Tourism Board, to provide marketing support ranging from social media publicity to targeted in-market promotional campaigns in China, Indonesia and Japan.

6. “The Singapore Food Gifts initiative at Changi Airport is a meaningful way for our food manufacturers to introduce Singapore’s culinary culture to the world. With the strong backing of the Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association, more home-grown brands will be encouraged to interest global travellers in local flavours and create demand for Singapore made products,” said Mrs Kee Ai Nah, Group Director (Industry & Enterprise), SPRING Singapore.

7. “The food gift has come a long way from when Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association organised the Great Singapore Food Gift Award in 2014 to help members develop innovative food gifts. Today, the Singapore Food Gifts initiative will help food manufacturers to commericalise new products, and establish new channels to promote them. Going forward, SFMA will build and strengthen partnerships to enhance support and build channels. This will enable more manufacturers to develop new and exciting products, and make a regional impact for our food gifts,” said Mr Thomas Pek, President, Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association.

8. The formation of Enterprise Singapore will also bring about a more holistic and integrated network of support for our food companies. The new agency will leverage SPRING’s core expertise in helping food manufacturers build business capabilities like product innovation and branding. IE Singapore’s established international networks will help companies capture these new market opportunities effectively.

Click here for the fact sheet on the Launch of Singapore Food Gifts.

1 “Capitalising on an abundance of opportunity in Asia”, Frost & Sullivan, July 2017
2 Tourism Sector Performance, Top Shopping Items Purchased by Amount Spent (%), Singapore Tourism Board, 2015

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