Welcome Address by Professor Cham Tao Soon at the 23rd Business Excellence Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner

  • Date
    26 Oct 2017
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Dr Koh Poh Koon, Senior Minister of State, Minister of Trade and Industry & Ministry of National Development

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Evening

1. Welcome to the 23rd Business Excellence Awards Ceremony. I am glad you can join us to honour this year’s winners. This ceremony recognises the efforts of the award recipients in meeting the highest standards of excellence in their business management systems and practices.

The BE journey is one of continuous improvement and learning for organisations

2. Since the inception of the BE initiative in 1994, more than 1,800 organisations across various industries and stages of development have embarked on this excellence journey. It is heartening to see them leverage the BE framework to drive business improvement and transformation.

3. The framework which underpins the BE initiative, serves as a tool to help organisations further develop and strengthen current management capabilities. This enables them to review internal processes and practices, recognise areas for improvement and more importantly, identify new growth opportunities that deliver value to their stakeholders.

4. In the midst of a changing and dynamic business environment, organisations increasingly face more challenges from global competition and tight labour markets. To remain competitive in such an environment, they also need to stay responsive to disruptive technological trends. With the BE framework, organisations are now better able to overcome these challenges and prepare themselves for the future.

Adopting the BE framework helps build sustainable organisations

5. To remain relevant to organisations’ needs and evolving business and management trends, the BE framework was enhanced last year. Organisations are now required to pursue the holistic standard of the Singapore Quality Class or SQC as a foundation when they embark on the BE journey. With strong core fundamentals established under this single mark of excellence, organisations will then be better able to deepen their niche capabilities by focusing on People, Innovation and Service.

6. The SQC mark serves as a testament of an organisation’s good management practices and sustainable performance. It earns greater trust from both local and overseas stakeholders, sets them apart from their competitors and encourages them to strive for further excellence in their journey ahead.


7. The success of the BE initiative could not be possible without the strong support of our partners, stakeholders, and most importantly, our BE Assessors who have contributed significant time and expertise to the assessment process. Our current pool of 200 active assessors play an instrumental role in offering insights from an external perspective, strengthening organisations’ understanding of their current strengths and areas for improvement. In recognition of their strong contribution, we will also be presenting the Green Jacket tonight to 2 of our business excellence assessors. The Green Jacket is conferred upon assessors who have conducted at least 8 certifications and 5 award assessments, and served in the capacity of team lead or deputy in at least 2 award assessments.

8. Today’s award recipients are role models who have benefitted through striving continuously on the BE journey and embracing the attributes of excellence to stay ahead of the curve. My heartiest congratulations to all of you. I am confident that you will continue to keep up the good work and maintain the high standards that you have already set.

9. Thank you all for joining us in the celebration of business excellence and also to SMS Koh for gracing the BE Awards ceremony tonight. It is my pleasure now to invite SMS to deliver his speech.