Develop new business capabilities by collaborating with other companies. Form partnerships to drive innovation and business development with PACT.



The PACT programme encourages mutually beneficial collaborations between companies. The nature of collaboration should go beyond regular business activities.

One enterprise should undertake the role of a leader (known as a “Lead Enterprise”) in driving projects to benefit the group of companies.


Project Scope

Projects may be related to capability development or joint business development. Below are some project examples:

Capability Development

  1. Supplier/ Partner Development: A Lead Enterprise helps existing/ new suppliers upgrade their technology capabilities so as to improve the quality of the supply chain.
  2. Co-innovation: A Lead Enterprise helps to co-develop and test-bed an innovative product of its smaller supplier.
  3. Knowledge Transfer: A Lead Enterprise develops a coaching programme to help its smaller distributors improve their cashflow management skills.

Business Development

  1. Alliances or Consortiums: A Lead Enterprise forms an alliance with smaller firms so as to jointly pursue new international projects. The smaller firms in the alliance benefit through having new customers/ contracts.
  2. Shared Resources: A Lead Enterprise pools common resources with smaller firms to achieve economies of scale and/ or engage in shared marketing efforts.

Level of Support

Support for SMEs will be capped at 70% and non-SMEs at 50% of the qualifying costs.



PACT projects should be driven by a Lead Enterprise, which is a Singapore registered company. It can be an MNC or Singapore company.

The following areas will also be considered:

  • The Lead Enterprise should have clear capabilities above those of the other participating companies in the project. It takes responsibility for the implementation and successful delivery of the project.
  • The Lead Enterprise should help the participating companies in a manner that is beyond its normal commercial interests. For example, the Lead Enterprise should not be selling its product or service to the smaller firms through the project.
  • The project should include a majority of Singapore enterprises, even though foreign companies can be involved in the collaboration.

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